The Weekly Diary

Imogen Cunningham

Introducing The Weekly Diary, a newsletter from Nowhere Diary.

Today I’m launching a new weekly newsletter called The Weekly Diary. It’s a shorter more frequent newsletter for subscribers of Nowhere Diary featuring my favorite findings of the week.

The Weekly Diary is exclusively for subscribers of my newsletter.

I am also deep down in the proces of developing new ideas for the Nowhere Diary newsletter and my love for this community has never been burning brighter.

Day by day I am also getting better at writing, thanks to the amazing Substack platform and community.

With the collapse of social media and the uncertainty of the future we can no longer rely on social media alone to reach our audiences.

My newsletter is my next step in preserving Nowhere Diary, growing an unpoluted community and building it even bigger and better. Free from algorithms and ads. A place where we can all connect or re-connect and continue to discuss, share, learn and worship the thing we love the most — photography.

Join me on my continuous journey to build the strongest and most passionate community for photographers and subscribe now.

I hope you will stick with me. If you don't follow me yet, I invite you to join my mailing list.


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