Nowhere Diary is a community for photographers, founded and curated by me — Danish photographer Kim Høltermand.

Since 2018, I have curated Nowhere Diary and promoted the work of photographers, telling their stories and featuring their books on photography.

I wanted to create a unique platform for photography and for photographers, a place to share the many stories and memories found in photographs, a place to inspire others and a place to help the growth and development of photographers.

By promoting and sharing the work of photographers through Nowhere Diary, hopefully I am helping more people learn and discover photography in all its aspects — from everyday documenting to exhibitions and book publishing.

Nowhere Diary is my one-man work of love. I have worked hard to build this community and get to where it is today. Researching and curating takes almost all the waking hours of my day.

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What People Are Saying

“Kim Høltermand’s hard work and dedication in seeking and promoting emerging photographers, developing interviews, and disseminating photobooks is highly admirable.”

— Allan Salas

“Nowhere Diary has been a valuable resource for discovering emerging photographers. Reliable curation has made Nowhere Diary a regular stop to gather information and inspiration related to contemporary photography.”

— Brian McSwain

“Nowhere Diary is a tender curation of diverse, meaningful work. Its reliable and cohesive selection can provide a reflective pause amidst the overflow of digital media in our everyday lives, even if for a brief moment out of one's day.”

— Kovi Konowiecki

“Nowhere Diary is without a doubt the community that keeps me on Instagram and inspires me daily. Thanks to Kim’s dedication I have known many incredible artists that I love seeing and some of them have become people I really appreciate and care for.”

— Alejandro Ilop

“Nowhere Diary is my favorite place on the internet and is run by the most dedicated curator.”

— Anastasia Pagonas

“Kim works very hard to curate an incredible space for contemporary photography and support/inspires so many of us in a digital space that can more often than not feel old and lifeless.”

— Matthew Poburyny

“Nowhere Diary has become a large community of passionate and creative photographers/publishers etc. — you have those who follow and some who lead — Kim Høltermand’s passion for the medium photography makes him one of the people setting trends.”

— Raymond Hagewoud

“If Twitter holds up (and I hope it does), you’d be wise to follow Nowhere Diary — One of my favorite feeds and a constant source of photographic inspiration.”

— Andy Adams (FlakPhoto)

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Nowhere Diary is always on the lookout for inspiring stories and books. Feel free to reach out if you would like to be featured.

Thank you.


C.M. Thomas, Filippo Giani, Pierre Putman, Michael McCluskey, Keith Wood, Andrew Brincka, Ian Spencer, Alyssa Boehle, Beau Mundy, Deven Ducommun, Darlington Ezugha, Jeremy Holt, Hannah Jones-Trudeau, Bill Splawn, Alexandria Pamp, Keith Cullen, Marc Gijzen, Clint Woodside, Leonardo Taddei, Pavel Paulau, Brian Kaufman, Mert Acar, Fabian Barba Hallal, Tim Stock, Jens Compernolle, Felix M. Mendoza, Senn O., Jesus Efren Lozano and Mads Franzen.

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