Peter Hujar

Today I’m launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the continuous life of Nowhere Diary. Life has changed in many ways for many, including myself and with the collapse of social media, we are going through dark times right now, both for photographers and creatives but also for people in general.

In order to be able to continue working on Nowhere Diary, I am going to need your help.

For those of you not familiar with Nowhere Diary, I founded Nowhere Diary 4 years ago on a cold February evening, where I created the Instagram account with no idea or knowledge of what was ahead or the impact it would have on the photography community.

The rest is history and Nowhere Diary is now, more than I ever could have imagined. A unique platform for photographers. A thriving community of passionate people with an endless love for photography. Well not “just” a community, I feel that Nowhere Diary is family. I like the idea that we are all connected like a family, which makes this community even stronger. I feel very strongly for Nowhere Diary, and with the amount of time I put into Nowhere Diary, it really pisses me off to see Instagram and Twitter getting destroyed from within, making it even harder to keep Nowhere Diary alive.

Therefore today, I am coming forward, to ask for your help.

Please consider supporting my campaign and let me continue my never ending quest to support you and other photographers, to share, inspire and keep doing what I love.


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