Best Photobook Publishers

I spend more time looking at photography and photobooks than on anything else. I devote hours and hours every day to finding photography and photobooks for Nowhere Diary.

You may wonder why I do this. But I believe that what I am doing is the most important thing. And that’s because so much of the best new photography is hidden away on self-released projects and released through small indie publishers. Without trustworthy guides, you would miss almost all of it.

And without exciting new photobooks, our entire photography culture starts to stagnate.

That doesn’t have to happen. The new photobook scene is amazing, creative, and thriving. We would all benefit from it if the photographers doing their visionary work were better known.

Today I release a guide to my favorite publishers of photobooks.

By the way, this is just the first installment—where I present my favorite publishers and self-publishers. The rest of the list will come your way soon.

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There will be loads more in 2023.


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