Stijn Van der Linden: They look for animals, but all they find are trees

While visiting Corcovado and other national parks in Costa Rica, Stijn Van der Linden noticed other visitors were mostly interested in finding and spotting species of the animal kingdom. He found that they didn’t give the best part of the nature in those places the attention it deserved: the immense richness of species of the plants kingdom. Especially the amount of different examples of tree species that can be found was ungraspable.

During the visits, hikers are guided so they won’t get lost but Stijn ended up getting lost while editing the photographs years after actually being there: trying and retrying endless combinations of photographs or parts of photographs while following the directions of plant growth or their shades of green. He considered it an extension of the journey and an interesting challenge to convey this experience into a publication.

All photographs were made in 2016 at Corcovado National Park, Cahuita National Park, Monteverde Cloud Forest and the Tortoguero canal in Costa Rica and contain animals of 6 families and trees of potentially more than 50 families.

And also some technical details about the book:

The book is printed and published by Buroform and it is designed by Tina De Souter. The paper is by Fedrigoni and it is printed in LE UV offset in 4 colours. The cover (Sirio Foglia) is screen printed with white ink. Its bound by the Otastar binding, a variation of the otabind binding, which results in a second cover page (Savile Row). This second cover page is printed and embossed with the title. The inside of the book has 96 pages including some shortened ones. There are 7 signatures alternating between Woodstock Betula and Grigio paper.

The photographs of the book are made by Studio Chloki.

Book available at TMSN shop, Tipi Bookshop or at Buroform shop.


Stijn Van Der Linden

Published by Buroform


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