Story 26: Ian Howorth

What is your backstory?

Things started out for me in video about 10 years ago - which I went at fully for 4-5 years, but i wasn’t satisfied with the personal project vs work ratio i guess, and even when personal projects were developed, it was usually a fraction of the vision we set out with. Photography became a way to get a regular creative fix. A friend loaned me an Olympus OM-1 and i haven’t really stopped since.


What camera gear/editing setup do you use?

Film is simply a more enjoyable process for me - finding film stocks and all the things you can do to create your own unique look is basically just a more fun way to ‘edit’ your images, where rather than creating looks or presets, you do the donkey work by researching and testing.

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What is ‘In Passing’ and what is the story behind it?

‘In Passing’ is a collection of images shot on 35mm film from the past 3-4 years which sit outside any specific work - its work which i continually do. The pandemic put a stop on two projects i was midway through planning and shooting - so it left more time to do my documentary work. I love printing work - so In Passing is a sort of project in between projects, but one i’m hugely proud of!

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What advice do you have for aspiring photographers?

As for advice for aspiring photographers - I’d say just ignore the noise around you that stops you from just enjoying photography. I hear a lot of people complaining about the algorithm on Instagram, or not being noticed. I obviously understand these frustrations, but the enjoyment of photography should be pure for a good few years, ultimately you decide how much work you put in, and like anything, the more work you put in, the higher the chance of being rewarded. Begin shooting what you like to shoot, work out what makes the places closest to you, unique and go from there. Read lots and watch plenty of movies and of course try to understand your cameras and how to get the most out of them - photography is conceptual but also technical, the more adept you are at both, the better your photographs will be.

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Ian Howorth

In Passing


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